The Deets

Take to the skies in one of these 14 dragons skins. Become your ultimate form and impress your friends!

This skin-pack is a Minekind project and donates a portion of it’s revenue towards nature conservation.

+ 14 skins

+ Created by Tetrascape

The Organization

The Vegan Society’s Grow Green Campaign:

“The animal farming sector’s impact on the planet has been persistently neglected – in both policy and practice – for decades. Our Grow Green campaign aims to tackle this with a shift towards plant protein agriculture.

Our first Grow Green report outlined the ways that a transition away from animal farming and towards growing protein crops for human consumption, not only benefits the millions of farmed animals raised for slaughter each year, but also the health of the population and the health of our planet.

The magnitude of the threat of climate change and the importance of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the next few decades makes reducing our reliance on animal farming in countries such as the UK, an essential solution.”